Boys 2 Men


MISSION: The mission of the Boys 2 MEN initiative is to cultivate a brotherhood of boys and young men of color in and across our district that will engage, empower, elevate and enlighten them, thereby disrupting the historic disparities in achievement and opportunity gaps of boys and young men of color and ensuring their social-emotional and academic success.

Boys 2 Men Goal

By June 2021, BOYS to MEN will demonstrate growth in each of the following B2M guiding principles: leadership, scholarship, citizenship, and character through a targeted curriculum to support greater student achievement and overall positive life outcomes for boys and young men of color. 

Boys to Men Kick off Presentation

The Boys 2 Men Pledge


I pledge to live a life of self-determination.

I pledge to embody integrity, honor, and self-respect.

I promise to persevere in the face of adversity.

I pledge to pursue all opportunities presented to me and demonstrate my full capacity to achieve. 

I pledge that I will rebound after failure and never let anyone limit my promise! 

Boys 2 Men Participants


5th grade, Middle School, and High School young men across Community School District 7
(located in the Mott Haven section of the South Bronx)

Total young men: 250