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PS/MS 5: Chapter Description


At PS/MS 5 our GEMS are taught to be leaders and to stand up for whatever they believe in. Our GEMS are encouraged to become independent and resilient young ladies, climbing over the mountains and reaching for the stars.

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PS 18: Chapter Description

PS 25 GEMs


PS 25: Chapter Description

The GEMs at P.S. 25x are a service club that incorporates sustainability (Green Team), engineering, volunteering and fundraising projects to enhance and impact their school community intellectually, socially and physically. Understanding that they can help other students in their learning environment, the GEMs are also involved in promoting healthy role model relationships among their fellow scholars while building social/emotional skills.




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PS 30 GEMs





PS 30: Chapter Description

The P.S.30X chapter is focused on becoming change agents in their community, society, and the world! They are learning the importance of personal, interpersonal, communication and leadership skills. Our GEMs model being respectful, responsible, and safe. They are also intelligent, hardworking, beautiful, and kind. Along with these skills and characteristics, they are also developing the importance of teamwork and sisterhood as they work closely with other GEMs throughout District 7, to make a difference in their community. We at P.S. 30 support our GEMs in every sense of the word in modeling our school wide expectations of respectful, responsible, and safe.






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PS 49 GEMs



PS 49: Chapter Description

PS 49X GEMS is comprised of eight delightful girls eager to make an impact on today’s society.  Each girl is very enthusiastic about helping the community, supporting the schools visions (Educating the Whole by Developing Each Part) working with others and making a difference every day. PS 49 prides itself on striving for excellence every day, by providing rigorous standard based instruction so all our scholars will be college and career ready. The GEMS is under the leadership of Taryn Thomas an educator for over 15 years who believes Girls can do anything but FAIL!




PS 65: Chapter Description



MS 151: Chapter Description

LGA/M.S. 151 GEMs believe in empowering, motivating, and supporting one another to build a better community.The GEMs at LGA/M.S. 151 are a hardworking, kind, and community conscious group of young ladies. They are leaders as well as scholars in their school community who often influence their peers and strive toward excellence on a day to day basis. Our chapter consists of sixth, seventh, and eighth graders who mentor and learn from one another. They are a warm receptive group of young ladies who aim to be fierce and fabulous in any endeavor they choose. They understand that their futures are bright and roses can grow from concrete. 






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PS 157: Chapter Description

Grove Hill Community School is located in the South Bronx. It's main goal is to not only empower the students in attendance but the community as a whole. The school is multicultural beehive focusing on the nectar of education. Our GEM focus is to build and develop the inner strength that all girls possess. As GEMs, girls learn not only the importance of self but how truly empowering the role of individual responsibility is to their development. Through strengthening a GEM -- we all shine brighter! Ms. Davis is actively involved in Grove Hill Community not only as a teacher and GEM facilitator but as a community member. Ms. Davis goes beyond simple outreach to students but to parents as well, fostering educational strength and cooperative tools for the most rewarding outcomes. 



PS 161: Chapter Description

At the Juan Ponce De Leon School, our students are encouraged to aspire, empower and embrace their goals and dreams. Our GEM chapter consists of ten phenomenal young ladies who use their voice to empower themselves, peers and their community. Each member of GEM is empowered to recognize their value, purpose and strength, to celebrate beauty inside and out. Our girls are taught to be responsible citizens who focus on themselves, sisterhood and society. This means our GEMs are Ambitious, Motivated, Dedicated, and Educated and enact positive changes in society. We are firm believers that girls and women have the power to make a difference and change the world!




PS 179: Chapter Description

Our GEMs all proudly hail from the Mott Haven section of the South Bronx. While some of our G.E.M.s are more outspoken than others, they all share a passion to improve and impact their school and community at large. In addition, as 5th graders or “burgundies” as they are called, there is a greater sense of responsibility, as they are expected to be role models to all students in grades 3K – 4th. Our G.E.M.s also serve as ambassadors to our school throughout the year and for various functions. This year on top of volunteering, their overarching goal is to create a safer and cleaner community.



MH/HS 223: Chapter Description

MS/HS 223 GEMS is comprised of middle and high school girls dedicated to make a change in their community. Each member exhibits the values of what it means to be a GEMS in their school community by demonstrating leadership qualities and practicing empathy throughout the building. As a chapter, our focus is maintaining sisterhood and having a safe place for our members to express themselves freely. Our GEMS members are ambitious and dedicated to making a difference in our community. We truly believe that fostering the development of strong leaders will strengthen and unite our society. It is within that strength that instills in the girls the power of advocacy for far-reaching positive impacts on the sisterhood and their community as a whole. 




MS 224: Chapter Description

MS 224 GEMs are the definition of resilience and determination and with this comes their loyalty to one another. When given the opportunity, they will thrive in every situation. It is an honor to be apart of their lives. Each one has their own story, but together, they are the GEMs of the MS 224 Cheetahs!!



PS 277: Chapter Description

GEM’s: Stacey, Faneslyn, Hajabanna, Salma, Izeyanna and Luisa
Facilitators: Ms. Peoples and Ms. Van Tull
Camera Shy: Faneslyn

At P.S. 277x, our GEM’s are on a mission to greatness. They are ambitious and intelligent rising leaders with goals to positively impact their school, community and surrounding neighborhoods. As a chapter, our focus is on providing a safe environment for each of our GEM’s to freely express themselves without fear of judgment. With newly developed skills, our GEM’s are gaining a never seen before confidence and are excited to share and serve others in their community.




MS 296: Chapter Description

Photo description from Right to Left Back Upper Level: Maimouna Sissoko, Kadidia Sissoko, Hermary Lugo, Kaitlyn Pellot, Chyla Rivera, Zhaebreon Young, Desirae Douglas, Wendy Flores, and Jade Dingle.

Front Lower level: Ms. Brown

Not Photographed: Desiraye Parker and Melanie Luciano

M.S. 296 South Bronx Academy for Applied Media GEM chapter is in its second year of operation. The members of SBAAM GEM are Motivated, Enthusiastic, Dedicated, Intelligent, Achievers striving to make a difference in the world through service and knowledge. The focus of GEMs is self, sisterhood and society. Each member of GEM is empowered to recognize her value, strength and purpose, to celebrate the beauty and significance of other Gems through sisterhood, and to enact positive changes in society. We truly believe that “together, we are stronger!”



MS 298: Chapter Description

Members: Abibatou Niang; Carina Nunez; Dylene Ventura; Elonie Ortiz; Jalece Jones;

Jessica Cruz; Kamila Taveras; Leana Pantoja; Maylee Ventura; Midahlia Ormond; Tida Ceesay; Yaslin Valerio

Facilitator: Ms. McMillian

At the Academy of Public Relations, our students are encouraged to aspire to embrace their most ambitious goals and dreams. Our GEM chapter consists of twelve phenomenal young ladies who use their voice to empower themselves, their peers, and their community. Each member of the GEM program is encouraged to be great scholars, role models, and responsible citizens. Our girls are taught to be leaders in all areas of their life. This means our GEMs are Loquacious, Educated, Ambitious, Dedicated, Encouraging, and Responsible. We truly believe girls and women have the power to change the world.






MS 343: Chapter Description

The GEMs chapter at MS 343 is made up of 4 sixth and 6 eight grade girls. They are a sampling of the self-confident, bright, and empowered girls we are preparing everyday to serve our communities for generations to come. These young leaders spend their GEMs time learning about advocacy work, community service, and paying it forward; sharing the opportunities and experiences they have been given at MS 343 with the younger GEMs in hopes of inspiring them to also "be great today!" MS 343's GEMs value the balance between work and play and many of them are our scholar athletes. Our chapter values time management, organization and other lifelong skills that will place GEMs in positions of leadership and power as they navigate the world; a world we look forward to being a part of! 




PS 369: Chapter Description

Facilitator: Ms. Nuñez

Members: Danasia, Lauren, Jacqueline, Juleidy

Our chapter is focused on developing the leadership skills of our GEMs. Our GEMs are intelligent, outspoken and respectful. They look forward to working with members of other chapters to make changes in our community. PS 369 focuses on creating leaders of their own learning. We support our students in being accountable, being advocates for themselves, others and their community, and being respectful, responsible and safe. Ms. Nuñez has been a GEMs facilitator since the 2018-2019 school year. She has been the school counselor at PS 369 for the last 8 years. She is dedicated to serving the community and helping the GEMs become great leaders and role models.






IS 584: Chapter Description