Girls Empowerment Movement (GEMs) Initiative


The GEM Program was founded in 2018 to help empower and instill the importance of advocacy in young girls in the South Bronx. The ladies collaborate with other G.E.M.s within District 7 and community leaders to try and improve the quality of life within their communities, while learning to build their communication and public speaking skills.

Mission and Vision

MISSION: The mission of the GEM Program is to provide a sisterhood grounded on legacy, optimism, vigorous thinking and empathy in order to foster the development of strong leaders who will strengthen and unite society.

VISION: GEMs promote unity, set high learning standards, and are the voice of reason and logic in our community.

The GEM Pledge

I pledge to be honest, kind, and loving.

I pledge to persevere on days when I feel like giving up.

I pledge to respect my body and protect my mind.

I pledge to think before I act, to think before I speak, and to think about ways to improve the world around me.

I pledge to support my sisters, to guide my sisters, and to respectfully speak the truth to my sisters.

I pledge to live and breathe the Affirmation of Strength.

My pledge is my guide; my pledge is my truth!


GEM Affirmation

I am a girl, which means I have grit.

I am intelligent, real, and full of life.

I have dreams that drive my purpose and fuel my path.

I am exceptionally strong, dedicated, and ever so amazing.

I am a leader, a game changer, a thinker.

I am my sister’s keeper, I am valuable to my community and know I can make it better.

I am beautiful inside and out.

I am perfectly designed to lead with pride and purpose.

I am a GEM!