@CSD7bx eLearning Center

@CSD7bx eLearning Center

We are currently developing the curricula for our @CSD7bx eLearning Center.

Through this 'global classroom' community members will become certified in content areas that support an increase in job readiness skills.  Our platform can be translated into any language, giving us an opportunity to provide equity and access to a multitude of diverse learners. 

Do you have a topic that you would like to learn about? Please complete the below survey which will help us better understand your personal needs and job goals.


What others are saying

Thank you to those community members who have taken the time to complete our 2 minute survey. If you haven't completed yours, don't worry, there is still time! Click the link to the right and give us your feedback. 

Thus far, our community members have responded that they would like to take courses on the following:
- Medical Billing
- Title 1, ESSA
- Immigration Law
- How to build an effective Nominating Committee for PA/PTA Election season
- Common Core for Parents