The 2020-2021 Parent Empowerment Workshop Season

The 2020-2021 Parent Empowerment Workshop season is in full swing, and we don't want you to miss out on the opportunity to learn, share and grow alongside the members of our Bronx community. 

This year, we have partnered with vendors who will be providing a wide range of Project-Based Learning (PBL) opportunities that will increase parent's knowledge and confidence when it comes to supporting their children who are learning in either the fully remote, or blended learning DOE schedules. We want you to have the tools you need to help your children succeed, and through a project-based learning (PBL) lens, every workshop will be accessible, fun and will come with insane raffle prizes! Want a chance to win a Desktop computer (Tower, keyboard, Mouse and 17" Flat-screen Monitor) that comes with Windows 10 installed?!

Get registered for workshops today and you will be on your way! 

  • PS 49 - Willis Avenue School

    School Leadership Team Meeting

    To register to attend this SLT VIRTUAL meeting, please contact the school at the following number: 718-292-4623

    Community School District 7
  • PS/MS 29, 758 Courtlandt Ave, (outside Ball Park) Bronx, NY 10451

    Salsa in the South Bronx

    *Participants must wear a mask

    * Social distancing required

    Ready to dance your way into Fall? Come and join us for a super fun hour of socially-distanced beginner-level Salsa dancing.

    The class will be held outside in the open lawn of PS/MS 29, a K-8th grade middle school in the Mott Haven section of the Bronx.

    Also, we will be raffling off a refurbished computer (Tower, keyboard, mouse and 17"monitor) that comes with Windows 10 already installed!

    Register Here

    Community School District 7
  • PS 179 - School of International Studies

    School Leadership Team Meeting

    To register to attend this SLT VIRTUAL meeting, please contact the school at the following number: 718-292-2237

    Community School District 7
  • PS 43 - Jonas Bronck

    School Leadership Team Meeting

    To register to attend this SLT VIRTUAL meeting, please contact the school at the following number: 718-292-4502

    Community School District 7
  • Yom Kippur

    DOE Schools Closed; No remote or in-person learning

    Community School District 7
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Important Updates for the Community

  • IEP MEETING TIP SHEET; Hoja de orientación para reunión del IEP

    Before the Meeting:
    As the parent your full participation is important in creating your child’s IEP. You have a say in the services your child is to receive and what areas the school will work on with your child.

    Solo hay equipo de IEP con USTED:
    Como padres, su plena participación es importante para crear el IEP de su hijo(a).Usted puede dar su opinión sobre los servicios que su hijo(a) recibirá y sobre las áreas en que la escuela trabajará con él/ella.


    Community School District 7
  • Legal Services NYC-Bronx

    (718) 928-3700

    Visit us online: and on Facebook


    Community School District 7
  • Update your Child's Ipad or it may not work

    Dear iPad Users,

    While your DOE-loaned iPad is currently setup with a content filter to ensure your child's internet safety, an updated content filtering application is now available. Please sign-in on your device to enable these updates as soon as possible. After July 31, 2020 internet access on the iPad will be limited to DOE resources until you sign in to the Zscaler software to establish a secure connection.

    What should I do next?

    Please use the link below to set up Zscaler on your device, follow the instructions under “Ensure Your Child’s Internet Safety”

    Community School District 7
  • Parents, Listen Up! Very important

    With the start of the school year, you and your staff should encourage parents/guardians to create a NYC Schools Account (NYCSA), in order to view their student’s attendance, report card grades, transportation information, reading levels, assessment scores, and progress towards graduation for high school students. NYCSA allows parents to use the information provided to collaborate with their child’s teachers and formulate strategies to support the student’s academic success.

    You should also encourage families to update their cell phone numbers and email addresses in NYCSA. Once their phone number and email addresses are verified in the system, this information will appear in ATS in the student’s updated record on the next business day. Please note that this feature is available to custodial and noncustodial users, as designated in NYCSA. It is recommended schools run the Emergency Contact Report (RCON) in ATS, to capture updates to parent cell phone numbers for situations where there may be an emergency and ATS is not accessible. In ATS, a “verified by NYCSA” label will appear next to those entries updated from NYCSA. The DOE will use contact information provided by families in NYCSA to communicate with them directly about system-wide emergencies.  

    To support families with creating NYCSA accounts, you should work with your parent coordinator to:    

    ·    Share this NYCSA parent overview flyer with families to inform them about NYCSA and updating emergency contact information (translated versions of the flyer are available on the public NYC Schools Account website).  

    ·    Help parents/guardians set up an account for NYCSA, using the Family Access Management (FAM) Tool.  

    ·    Review the Student Records Guidance during Remote Learning to support families in creating accounts securely online and maintaining student privacy.    

    For additional information on NYCSA and the FAM tool, refer to the NYCSA/FAM Technical Guide or the NYCSA/FAM Wiki. If you have questions, suggestions, or need support with providing a parent access to NYCSA, email; please note that you should not direct parents/guardians to the Help Desk inbox, as the Help Desk only supports DOE staff. For parent/guardian resources, including an overview of NYCSA, see the public NYC Schools Account website or call 311.  ​​​​​​​

    For questions, email

    Community School District 7
  • Blended Learning Students No Longer Required to Get Live Teaching on Remote Days

    Blended Learning and Live Instruction Update



    Community School District 7
  • Free Tutoring and Enrichment with NYPL

    The New York Public Library is pleased to offer online tutoring to provide families with homework help, enrichment activities, and remote learning support through our partnership with Brainfuse. This partnership is just one of the many ways the Library is expanding its digital resources to New York City families during our temporary closure to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

    Through Brainfuse, kids and teens in grades K–12 can now access free, remote, one-on-one tutoring in a wide range of subjects and levels—from first-grade math to advanced algebra. Tutoring is offered seven days a week from 2 PM to 11 PM via chat. Services are available in both English and Spanish. Brainfuse also offers a bank of videos, activities, a writing lab, and other resources that are available to students 24/7.

    Families can access these tools with an NYPL library card. If you or a family member don’t have a library card, sign up for one using our SimplyE app.

    Download SimplyE for iPhone/iPad on App Store
    Download SimplyE for Android on Google Play

    As New York City schools increasingly turn to digital learning in response to the spread of COVID-19, we hope our expanding digital resources can help support teachers and families during this challenging moment. Our goal is to support a culture of learning, whether that’s in the classroom or in the living room.

    Community School District 7
  • How to help students get used to masks

    How to Help Students Get Used to Masks

    In many places, students returning to school buildings will be required to wear masks. These strategies can help elementary students adjust.

    Our brains do not like surprises—they love to make predictions by finding patterns that are familiar, and they learn from associations, connections, and patterned experiences. But as schools begin to resume in late summer, there will be many unfamiliar experiences: new routines, schedules, and guidelines. Especially for young students, it’s going to be challenging at best to adjust to wearing masks for extended periods.


    Community School District 7
  • Children and Masks - What parents should know

    Children and Masks

    To protect against COVID-19, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends people wear face masks or face coverings in public areas when social distancing is difficult to maintain. But what does this recommendation mean for children? The below Q&A—completed with the expertise of pediatric and adolescent medicine physician, Dr. Alexa Kemeny—will answer many mask-related concerns that may be weighing heavily on the minds of parents at this time.


    Q. Is it safe for my young child to wear a mask? 

    Yes, it is safe for your child to wear a mask if he or she is older than two years and does not have health issues that would make breathing harder with a face covering. Examples of such conditions include illnesses that cause neurological or muscular weakness and developmental and emotional conditions that make wearing a mask overly stressful. 



    Community School District 7
  • Browadway: Stars in the House

    Check out the online special, Stars in the House

    Music, community, and education to support The Actors Fund and its services.

    Live Streamed Daily!

    Community School District 7
  • girls inc.


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