PA/PTA Resources

NYC schools are required to have either a Parent Association (PA)  or a Parent Teacher Association (PTA). 

"PA" is a Parent Association and "PTA" is a Parent/Teacher Association. In you monthly meeting, parents can vote as to which type of entity they will be establishing.

These organizations advocate for students and families, update parents and families about the school plan, and run activities for parents and families.

PA/PTA's can support schools in a number of ways, including:  hosting parent workshops, organizing activities for families (both academic and social), by raising funds and running volunteer events.

Parent University: PA/PTA Elections (Spanish)

PA/PTA Fundraising

PA/PTA's are allowed to fund raise in order to enrich students' education - including for classroom materials, school-wide improvements, enrichment activities, after-school programs, and other student needs. 

There are numerous ways to raise money for your school, such as direct appeals; sales of merchandise, food and other items at events; and crowdfunding campaigns. PA/PTAs also can secure funds to pay for specific programs or activities through grants from foundations, elected officials or organizations. 

Learn more about fundraising here.