Recorded Workshops

2021 My Brother's Keeper Family Workshops

As a part of our My Brother's Keeper Family Challenge Grant, Community School District 7 put together a series of parent workshops to help support the needs of the South Bronx community.

COVID-19 required everyone to exist in a remote environment. Some of the sessions were led by District 7 parents who have completed a series of trainings that make them eligible to lead District-wide trainings as a part of the support we offer to our families. Other sessions were funded directly by the MBK grant. We hope you enjoy these sessions! Please feel free to share them with your community.

My Brother's Keeper - Parent Empowerment Workshops 2019

My Brother's Keeper - Parent Empowerment Workshops 2021

Tribal Tuesdays with ExcelleAerobics, LLC.

The Skill/Will Matrix