Virtual Tour of our Schools

PS 1 - The Courtlandt School

The Courtlandt School
(3k-5th Grade) 

Jorge Perdomo
Assistant Principal(s): 
Sharin Tirado
Yeimy Alberto

 PS  1 Website
335 E. 152nd Street (51)

School Logo

PS 1 Motto

"We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." Aristotle.

PS/MS 5 - The Port Morris School

The Port Morris School
(3k-8th Grade)

Danielle Keane
Assistant Principal(s)
Griselle Medina
Ariel Delgado

PS/MS 5 Website
564 Jackson Avenue  (55)

School Logo



PS/MS 5 Motto

Aspire Learn Excel

PS 18 - John Peter Zenger

John Peter Zenger
(PreK- 5th Grade)

Lauren Sewell-Walker
Assistant Principal(s)
Michelle Nelson
Anwar Zindani

PS 18 School Website
502 Morris Avenue (51)

School Logo



PS 18 Motto

 Where college and career readiness begins

PS 25 - The Bilingual School

The Bilingual School
(3k-5th Grade)

Carmen Toledo- Guerrero
Assistant Principal(s)
Yliucha Jaquez
Emilia Acabeo
Dionne Belderes

PS 25 Website
811 E. 149th Street (55)

School Logo



PS 25 Motto

Believe and Achieve

PS/MS 29 - The Melrose School

The Melrose School
(3k-8th Grade)

Danielle Presto, I.A.
Assistant Principal
 Natalie Morman
Jewan Baboolal

PS/MS 29 Website
758 Courtlandt Avenue  (51)

School Logo



PS/MS 29 Motto

The Melrose school is a safe and challenging academic setting that welcomes all learners. We are a community with high expectations that supports success for everyone.

PS 30 - Wilton

(3K-5th Grade)

Debra Michaux
Assistant Principal(s)
Maria Martinez
Mark Fili

PS 30 Website
510 E. 141st Street   (54)

School Logo



P.S. 30 Motto

Teach, Reach, Inspire!

PS/MS 31 - William Lloyd Garrison

The William Lloyd Garrison School
(PreK-8th Grade)

William Hewlett, Jr.
Assistant Principal
Katina Yesnick
Damont Singletary

PS/MS 31 School Website
250 E. 156th Street  (51)

School Logo



PS/MS 31 Motto

PS 43 - The Jonas Bronck School

The Jonas Bronck School
(3k-5th Grade)


Dr. Giovanna Delucchi
Assistant Principal(s)
Robyn Feliu
Nathaniel Waye

PS 43 School Website
65 Brown Place (54)

School Logo



PS 43 Motto

Where Students are Soaring to Excellence!

PS 49 - The Willis Avenue School

The Willis Avenue School
(3k-5th Grade)

Frank Hernández
Assistant Principal(s)
Dr. Philip Caraher
Anjelica Jordan
Monica Brock-Walker

PS 49 School Website
383 E. 139 Street (54)



School Logo


PS 49 Motto

Educating the whole by developing each part.

PS 65 - Mother Hale Academy

Mother Hale Academy
(Prek-5th Grade)

Jasmine González
Assistant Principal(s)
Jessica LoBoen-Morrobel

PS 65 Website
677 E. 141st Street (54)


School Logo



PS 65 Motto

One student at a time

MS 151 - Lou Gehrig School

Lou Gehrig School
(6th-8th Grade)

Diedra Thomas, I.A.
Assistant Principal
Michelle Bugay

MS 151 Website
 250 E. 156th Street  (51)

School Logo



MS 151 Motto

WeR151! Watch us rise!

PS 154 - Jonathan D. Hyatt

Jonathan D. Hyatt School
(PreK-5th Grade)

Dr. Alison Coviello

Assistant Principal(s)
Bethany Poolman 

PS 154 Website
333 E. 135th Street (54)

School Logo



PS 154 Motto

P.S. 154 is a community of Collaborative, Appreciative, Responsible, Empathetic, and Steadfast learners.

PS 157 - Grove Hill School

Grove Hill School
(PreK-5th Grade)

Ramona Durán

Assistant Principals
D’Ann St. Paul
Derek Green
Katrina M. Fennell

PS 157 Website
757 Cauldwell Avenue (55)

School Logo



PS 157 Motto

Where everyday is Extraordinary

PS 161 - Juan Ponce De Leon

Juan Ponce De Leon School
(3k-5th Grade)

Eliamarie Soto
Assistant Principal(s)
Ibis López 
Barbara Pinos

PS 161 Website
628 Tinton Avenue (55)


School Logo



PS 161 Motto

Where Learning Is Rooted In Community

PS 179 - School of International Cultures

School of International Cultures
(PreK-5th Grade)

Sherry Font Williams
Assistant Principal(s)
Lydia Mathis

PS 179 Website
468 E. 140th Street (54)


School Logo



P.S. 179 Motto

Where we celebrate Learning

Willis the Dolphin 
W- Wise 
I- Intelligent 
L- Learner 
I- Independent 
S- Scholar

MS/HS 223 - The School of Finance and Technology

The Laboratory School of Finance and Technology
(6th-12th Grade)

Ramona Durán

D’Ann St. Paul
Derek Green
Katrina M. Fennell

MS/HS 223 Website
360 E. 145th Street    (54)





School Logo




MS/HS 223 Motto

Catering to our student's needs through instructional strategies, data analysis and cultural awareness. 

MS 224 - Science School for Exploration & Discovery

Science School for Exploration & Discovery
(6th-8th Grade)

Deborah Sanabria, I.A.

Assistant Principal
Richard Cole
Dr. Rosalind Hoyte-Igbokwe (P.A.)

MS 224 Website
45 Brook Avenue (54)

School Logo



M.S. 224 Motto

Providing students with the building blocks for success

PS 277 - Dr. Evelina Antonetty

Dr. Evelina Antonetty
(3k-5th Grade)

Natasha Bracey-Ferguson
Assistant Principal(s)
Adele Cammarata
Yvette Mejía

PS 277 Website
519 St. Ann’s Avenue (54)

School Logo


PS 277 logo

P.S. 277 Motto

On a Mission

MS 296 - South Bronx Academy for Applied Media

South Bronx Academy for Applied Media
(6th-8th Grade)

Roshone Ault Lee
Assistant Principal(s)
Rolando Briceno
Donald Peters

MS 296 Website
778 Forest Avenue (54)



School Logo


 MS 296, South Bronx Academy for Applied Media logo 

M.S. 296 Motto

Empowering Scholars by Enriching their Minds and Illuminating their Voices!

MS 298 - Academy of Public Relations

Academy of Public Relations
(6th-8th Grade)

Amy Andino-Flohr
Assistant Principal
Erick Sanchez

MS 298 Website
778 Forest Avenue  (54)

School Logo


 MS 298, Academy of Public Relations logo 


M.S. 298 Motto

Expanding the Mind, Empowering the Voice

MS 343 - Academy of Applied Mathematics and Technology

Academy of Applied Mathematics and Technology
(6th-8th Grade)

Vincent Gassetto
Assistant Principal
Deirdre Callahan

MS 343 School Website
345 Brook Avenue  (54)

School Logo


 AAMT logo 


MS 343 Motto

MS 343 is a small school committed to providing a meaningful learning experience for students and families, focusing on technology, to prepare students for the 21st Century.

X354/X356 - Learning Through Play, Universal 3k/PreK Center

Learning Through Play, Universal 3k/PreK Center

Carlyn Rahynes
Site Coordinator
Anthony Tucker

X354/X356 School Website
105 Willis Avenue (54)


School Logo


 Learning Through Play, Universal 3k/PreK Center logo 

No Street View Available

X354/X356 Motto

We provide planned, purposeful, and engaging experiences that provide the foundation for positive social-emotional development and academic learning for every student.

PS 359 - Concourse Village Elementary School

Concourse Village Elementary School
(3k-5th Grade)

Alexa Sorden
Assistant Principal(s)
Ambar Quinones

PS 359 Website
750 Concourse Village West (51)

School Logo


 PS 359 logo 




PS 359 Motto

It takes a village to educate a child

PS 369 - Young Leaders Elementary School

Young Leaders Elementary School
(3k-5th Grade)

Jaleelah Cooke-Coleman
Assistant Principal(s)
Caroline Ebrahim

PS 369 Website
468 E. 140th Street (54)


School Logo


 PS 369 logo 



PS 369 Motto

Teamwork makes the dream work

IS 584 - The Young Leaders Elementary School

The Young Leaders Elementary School
(6th-8th Grade)

Tannis Sertima
Assistant Principal(s)
Jayne Hunnewell
Jennifer Reyes

IS 584 Website
600 St. Ann’s Avenue (55)


School Logo

 IS 584 logo 

IS 584 Motto

IS 584, Where Scholars Come First!